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Jacob Brumbaugh

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[E2] Jacob Brumbaugh - "Jockel" ([E1] Johannes Henrich) b. Nov 27, 1734; married his first wife about 1760 near Funkstown, MD. and there were six children born. About 1766, Jacob married Elizabeth Baker (Engle), and there were nine children born makling a total of 15 children.

Jacob Brumbaugh appears in the 1786 list of taxables in Antrim Twp., Franklin Co., PA. This was the Conecocheague settlement, which extended also across the Mason and Dixon line into the Hagerstown, Md., region.

Heads of Families First Census of the United States 1790, Penn., p123, enumerates [E2] Jacob Brumbough as having 2 sons over 16 years, 4 sons under 16 years, and 3 daughters, besides the parents, part of the family having moved away, they then having 8 sons and 4 daughters.

Jacob Brumbach was collector of Taxes for Woodberry Twp, Huntingdon Co., PA for the year 1791.

In 1794, Jacob moved across the mountain into Woodcock Valley, Huntingdon Co., PA, and soon thereafter executed the following deed.

"Jacob Brombaugh and Elizabeth his wife of Woodbury Twp on Clover Creek, Huntingdon Co. PA on May 17, 1797, deed 198 acres and 670 acres for 658 Pounds to Geo. Putterbough. (Huntingdon PA, Book F 1, p. 240)

The following receipt: "June 19, 1800 Received from Jacob Brombaugh 1125 Pounds in part of 240 pounds he was to pay me on the first of this June for Land on Amount of Tract of Land I sold him for which he has an article from me dated the `7th day of March 800. John Canan."

Aug 4, 1800 he received deed for this 219 acres on the south side of Warrior Ridge called "Timothy Meadows," and lived there continuously until his death, August 13, 1816.

It was general practice for the father to retire from active business and divide his property amongst his children, which custom had many advantages. There resulted no uncertainty as to the division of the estate, no actual for the execution of wills, and the necessities for comfort of the parents were assured by agreements often made part of the public records.

Three sons of Jacob Brumbaugh married three sisters, daughters of Isaac and Barbara Bauer (Bowers). [E13] George married Maria of Mary; [E14] Daniel married Anna and [E19] David married Barbara. Isaac and Barbara Bauer died in 1834 and are buried near the center of the Brumbaugh cemetery on the old homestead in Penn Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA.

Jacob's wife Elizabeth died Dec 16, 1827, and was buried in the cemetery at Marklesburg, PA. Jacob was buried in the Grove Cemetery, near the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River, in Woodcock Valley, and that the rough headstone was marked "J.B." Others say the grave was near the Entrekin Mill, close to the mouth of James Creek."