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James Fall Vol 216, Page 450

Date March 23, 1910
Grantor: James Fall
Grantee: Chester O. McAlpin
Location: Suffield Twp., Portage Co., Ohio
Acres: 33.03+ in total for 3 parcels
Price: $5,500
1st Parcel - Being part of Lot No. 47. Beginning at a pointt on the west line of said lot the same being the SW corner of land owned by G.A. Monroe containing 23.82 acres
2nd Parcel - Being in the said Lot No. 47 beginning in the center of an east and west road at the SE corner of land owned by WS Fry
3rd Parcel - Being in said Lot 47 beginning at a point on the west line of land owned by the Wheeling and Lake Erie Ry. Co the same being the NE corner of land formerly owned by Isaac Marlem.

Vol 216 Page 450