The word "genealogy" is derived from the Greek words "γενεά" (genea, or generation) and "λόγος" (logos, or knowledge). Genealogy is therefore is the "knowledge of generations." Through historical records and verbal stories, information about past generations is conveyed to present and future generations. Families Migrating West is a repository of generational knowledge for ten families intertwined by location, history, and marriage.

This project is dedicated to the stories and memories of the ancestors that made the current generations possible.

Surnames prominent throughout this site are Brumbaugh, Ebie, Fall, Fouse, Heimbaugh, Kern, Miller, Royer, Sprankle, and Wise.

Feature Articles

The Pioneers of Hartville written by Roy P. Wise. An eleven part series on the early history of Hartville, Ohio. The article was first published in the Hartville News in 1936. It was later republished in 2009 and 2010.

Memoirs of My Childhood, narrated by Dorothy Brumbaugh Wise between 2000 and 2008, and transcribed by her family.

Family Tree Information

The family tree data for all of the individuals mentioned on this site is available at www.migratewest.net. An overview of the families on this site is on this page.

The Isaac Fall Family

Back: William, Edgar, Minnie, Katie, Nora, Maggie, John, Effie

Front: Herbert, Charles, Isaac, Leah, Alverna

The Wise Family

Uncle Harvey Sprankle, Grandma Slusser, Maggie Wise, Ira Wise, Maude Sprankle, Lloyd Sprankle, Beulah, Clara, Carl, Clara Sprankle, Grandpa Slusser, Aunt Verna Slusser