Abraham Miller Life in Morrison's Cove, Pa

Post date: Sep 13, 2011 5:6:43 PM

Continuing story of 4th Great Grandfather.

His little family ranging in ages from 12 years old Susannah to the baby Lewis, not yet 2 years old, eight in all, tried to manage for two years without a mother. Abe continued to teach them their bible stories, but it was difficult for young Catherine and Susannah to try and mother the younger children. Abe was in his prime years at 49 years old and needed a wife. With his children's approval, Abe married neighbor Sabilla Lauer. Some sources have her name as Savilla. It was a complete home once more and he could offer her a comfortable house filled with pieces of walnut furniture he had fashioned. Abe was an expert cabinet maker and his son John was adept at it in later years. The third wife and Abe had one offspring born in 1801, Christena. Their Clover Creek farm was to become one of the best on the charming valley of Clover Creek.

In the cabin along Clover Creek, strict attention was placed on keeping fires going at all times in the huge fire places in each cabin. There were no matches and if one fire did go out, the children had to run to the neighbor's place and request a burning ember to bring home, rain or shine. There were no schools and parents, after evening prayers, would teach their off-spring simple numbers and reading and writing.

While the family lived on the farm, their records show that the Wm. Penn family paid Abraham for clearing a right-of-way for construction of the "Horseshoe Curve" portion of a proposed railroad north-west from their property.

Abe's Clover Creek farm, nested in the fertile Huntingdon Valley, was becoming the best, most improved place among these clearings; the spring flowed constantly with fresh water and his barns were filled with excellent stock and grains, Sabilla hoped they would never have to leave it.