Miller Farm on Clover Creek

Post date: Sep 13, 2011 5:31:45 PM

Continuing story of 4th Great Grandfather.

When Abe migrated to Pennsylvania, he purchased 170 acres in Huntingdon Co. (October 27, 1796 - Book E, No. 1, Huntingdon Co., PA, Page 428). He paid 200 pounds to William Phillipa. He also bought 50 acres from Phillip Hartman (Book G, No 1, Page 511, October 3, 1799). This tract was 4 miles north of Nicholas Fouse's farm and along Clover Creek. Later Abraham sold a parcel of 4 acres from his land to Adam Sorrick. When this deed was filed (June 27, 1798), we find that he was a Widower as the deed has only one signature. Elizabeth Miller died in 1796 and her grave is in the cemetery of the church in what is now Blair County in Pennsylvania's Morrison's Cove.

Along the Clover Creek in Pennsylvania, Abe built along the creek in a beautiful valley near a spring and again, he improved his farm with well-built cabins, barn, and cleared fields for grain and cattle. The farm was situated on both sides of the creek. The Clover Creek public road, leading to Williamsburg, passes near the spring and the buildings, which are 3 miles south of the town and one mile north from the Union Church and graveyard.