A Tree of Genealogy


The Mother of the Late Cornelius Aultman - Who the Families Are.

At the Miller reunion Saturday, S. J. Miller, of Canton, stated that he had in mind a large sugar tree, historical for the miller family, on the old farm six miles north of Canton. This tree was near a large spring, and the spot was a beautiful one. He said that when the Miller pioneers came from Huntington county, Pa., now Blaire, they drove across the mountains in big, covered wagons and cut their way through the woods until they reached the location of the farm. They ddrove undeer the large sugar tree mentioned above, one evening, and unloaded some of their goods, built a campfire and slept there until next morning, They then commenced clearing the land for a cabin. When this was done the family took up their abode there in the spring of 1813. The family consisted of the father, Abraham Miller, then fifty-six years of age, his second wife, about the same age, and nine children. The big sugar tree wa a fitting model for the genealogical tree of the Miller family, Upon the tree by the spring were young, vigorus boughs covered with leaves, while among this green foliage could be seen blackened, dead limbs, "This typical now," Mr. Miller said of the Miller family which celebrates the reunion Saturday. The trunk of the tree represents the head of our family, Abraham Miller. There are green boughs, young and vigorous, while among us are some which are showing age; and Death has also visited us and left a swath behind him. Let me read the branches of our family tree." The speaker then gave a list of the branches. They are as follows:


represents the family of Suanna Miller, who was born in 1784 in Foxtown, Md., now Hagerstown, where the next session of the Lutheran Synod will be held. Susanna Miller was married to Abraham Lanizer. Their descendants numbered 227; fifty-nine deaths have occurred, and 168 are now living so far as known.

Second branch was Catherine Miller, born in 1785, in the same place. She was married to Philip Henney; descendants number 240, of whom 65 have died.

Third branch was John Miller. He was married to Elizabeth York, who died. He then married themother of Cornelius Aultman, well known by many citizens of Canton. The offspring of this branch number 267, of whom 216 are living, 51 have died.

Sixth branch - Mary Miller married to Christopher Henney; number of offsprings 126; deaths 25.

Seventh branch - Henry Miller married to Magdalena Weaver; descendants 224; deaths 42.

Eight branch - Lewis Miller; descendants 45, of whom thirty-two are living.

Ninth branch - Christina Miller, married to John Fouse; decendants 71, of whom thirteen are dead.

This completes the branches of the tree. The total of descendants is 1,444; deaths 315; number living 1,129, of who nearly 1,000 were at the reunion Saturday. In this family there have been 300 marriages, of which eighty-nine (either husband or wife) have died, leaving 211 unbroken marriages.

Typed from the June 12, 1893 edition of the Canton Repository.