Pennsylvania 49th Infrantry

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Regimental History Pennsylvania 49TH INFANTRY (3 years)

Forty-ninth Infantry.-Cols., William H. Irwin, Thomas M.Hulings, B. J. Hickman, A. W. Wakefield; Lieut.-Cols., WilliamBrisbane, Thomas M Hulings, John B. Miles, B. J. Hickman, A. W.Wakefield, James T Stuart; Majs., Thomas M. Hulings, John B.Miles, B. J. Hickman, A.W. Wakefield, James T. Stuart, F. W.Wombacker. The 49th was recruited in the counties of Center,Chester, Huntingdon, Mifflin and Juniata and was mustered intothe U. S. service at Camp Curtin, Harrisburg, Sept. I4, I86I,for a three years, term.It was ordered to Washington on Sept. 22, assigned to theIst brigade of Gen. W. F. Smith's division, 4th corps, and camped during the winter near Lewinsville. It joined in the campaign on the Peninsula early in 1862,performing various siege duties at Yorktown, and fighting atWilliamsburg, Garnett's and Golding's farms, White Oak swampand Malvern hill. On Aug. I6, the regiment was sent toAlexandria, where it was attached to Franklin's corps, whichjoined the Army of the Potomac at Centerville and proceeded toAntietam, engaging the enemy on the way at Crampton's gap.During this battle the 49th was held in reserve, as it was alsoat Fredericksburg in December.Winter quarters were established at White Oak Church and on Jan. 9, 1864, the regiment was consolidated into a battalion of four companies,which participated in the "Mud March."Col. Irwin added enough new recruits to the regiment in April to restore it to its old organization and it was assigned to the 3d brigade, Istdivision, 6th corps, with which it remained until the end ofits service. It was active at Salem Church, present at Deeprun, active at Gettysburg, and then joined in the southwardmovement of the army. It was engaged at Rappahannock Station,and was mentioned in orders for gallantry. It joined in theMine Run movement, after which it went into winter quarters atHazel Run, where 260 of its members reenlisted and with theaddition of recruits and drafted men the regiment was continuedas a veteran organization.On May 4, 1864, it broke camp and the next day the command was in the heat of the action at the Wilderness. At Laurel hill the regiment made a most daring assault, but at fearful cost. Col. Hulings, Lieut.-Col. Miles2 other officers and 61 men being killed and 5 officers and I95men wounded or missing. The next engagement was the assault onthe angle at Spottsylvania. The loss up to the I4th of themonth when only I30 men were able to report for duty, was 392killed, wounded or missing. At Cold Harbor the loss was 8killed and 20 wounded. The regiment proceeded with the army toPetersburg and on July II, was ordered to Washington, which wasthreatened by Gen. Early. It followed Early to the Shenandoahriver and then returned to Washington, but had scarcely arrivedwhen news of Early's advance upon Crook caused it to return toHarper's Ferry.It was active at the battle of Winchester; wasposted on guard in the city for a time; then ordered again toPetersburg; shared in the action at Hatcher's run, and made itswinter quarters at Fort Wadsworth. It took part in the finalassault on Petersburg; was in the cavalry fight at Sailor'screek , was then detailed to guard prisoners to Appomattox;next ordered to Danville, where it remained for a month, andthen returned to Washington, where it arrived June 2 and remaineduntil mustered out at Hall's hill, July 15, 1865.

Battles fought during Isaac and James Fall's time with the regiment (Feb 26, 1864 - July 15, 1865)

May 05, 1864 at Wilderness, VA

May 7, 1864 at Wilderness, VA

May 10, 1864 at Spotsylvania Court House, VA

May 12, 1864 at Spotsylvania Court House, VA

June 1, 1864 at Cold Harbor, VA

September 19, 1864 at Winchester, VA

April 2, 1865 at Petersburg, VA

April 6, 1865 at Sailor's Creek, VA

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