Georg Brumbach

Post date: Apr 16, 2010 1:22:56 PM

[E5] Georg Brumbach, "Yarrick" (Jophannes Henrich) b 1781; married Susanna Metzgaar, b Nov 18, 1761, daughter John Metzgaar (later "Metzger and Metzker), who wes born near the Rhine and emigrated from Wurtemberg, Germany, about 1758. The Metzkers lived about half way between the present Martinsburg and Fredericksburg on the "Old Livingston" or "Indian doctor farms." Their house was used for all religious services for many years - the old graveyard is on the farm. John died at age 80 and is said to have been a nephew of Theobalod Metzger.

George lived for many years in Morrison's Cove, a few miles from Martinsburg, then in Woodbury Twp., Bedford Co., PA. He was a farmer and also a minister of ability and considerable reputation; he reared a family of five sons and seven daughters adn the entire family were members of G.B.B. Church. Together with Johannes Brumbaughj [E1700] in 1813 he built the old grist mill owned and operated by [E183] Henry Dilling Brumbaugh at Fredericksburg (Clover Creek PO), Blair Co., PA.

George [E5] pre-empted for settlement all that section of Morrison's Cove where the old Fredericksburg mill was later built and where George [E3006] later lived - all this was just south of the [E2] Jacob preemption. [E3] Conrad pre-empted south of the [E5 ] George preemption. [E4] Johannes, the stocking weaver did not pre-empt land but lived on a small cleared tract.

George married Anna Hoover , widow of Christian Hoover, operator of a linseed oil mill on Plum Creek near Sharpsburg as early as 1788. Christian Hoover died leaving the widow Anna and a daughter, Elizabeth. George and Ann, his wife of Woodberry Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA - "intermarried with Ann Hoover widow of Christian Hoover," according to the record.

Two of the oldest graves in the Brumbaugh Cemetery at Fredericksburg are said to be the graves of George and his wife Susanna Metzgaar. A few feet away is the grave of his wife Anna Hoover marked "Anna wife of C. Hoover late of G. Brumbaugh Died Dec 1836 aged 72 yrs."