Brumbaugh, Jacob

Ancestry Tree:


Mary Elizabeth Angle married 1760 at Hagerstown, MD

Elizabeth E. Baker married about 1777


William, b. 1762

John, b. 28 Feb 1764

Margaret, b 05 May 1766

Conrad, 29 May 1768

Jacob, b. 15 Jul 1769

Hannah, b. 27 Oct 1775

Henry, b. 24 May 1778

George, b. 12 Mar 1780

Daniel,b. 01 Aug 1783

Catherine, b. 1785

Samuel, b. 03 Mar 1788

Esther, b. 03 Mar 1788

Mary, b. 26 Aug 1791

David, b. 29 Sep 1793

Susan, b. 25 Aug 1795


On the 4th day of August 1800 he purchased from David Mc Murtrie a tract of land known as “Timothy Meadows,” on the south side of Warrior’s Ridge, containing two hundred and nineteen acres. His grandson, Jacob Brumbaugh Sr., occupied the old homestead. Mr. Brumbaugh was twice married. He had fifteen children: nine sons and five daughters. David Brumbaugh Sr., who died at Marklesburg on November 19, 1880, was the youngest of his sons. Mrs. Susannah Markley, one of his daughters,moved with her husbandto Ohio.

Location Marklesburg, Pennsylvania "Timothy Meadows" Stone house built by Jacob Brumbaugh in 1804. It was both a home and "Brethren Meeting House". Brumbaugh Homestead in Timothy Narrows, Penn Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.



Family Stories:

In about 1760 married and settled on a tract of land near "Funkstown" --Hagerstown, Md., near Johann Jacob Brumbach (a cousin). About 1777Jacob and his brother Georg (called "Yerrick" or "Yorrick")moved with the earliest pioneers to Morrison's Cove, then in Bedford Co., PA (Bedford was erected in 1771), now Blair Co., and located near the Rebecca Furnace property, occupying a large tract of land.

The Indian outbreaks of 1778 and 1779 caused all the early settlers to leave that locality and these brothers returned to their former homes on the Conecocheague river in Maryland--perhaps also Antrim Twp., Franklin Co., PA. After the cessation of the Indian depredations these brothers re-occupied their Bedford Co. lands.

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