Abraham Miller from Maryland to Pennsylvania

Post date: Sep 13, 2011 4:38:51 PM

Continuing story of 4th Great Grandfather.

Abraham and Elizabeth now began preparing for the move to Morrison's Cove.

During this period they had two more children, Henry and Mary. Elizabeth's first wedding had apparently been performed simply and quietly by a Justice of the Peace. Unlike her older sister, Elizabeth wanted a church wedding and especially a wedding read by a Lutheran ordained minister. If she was going to move with seven children to the Clover Creek wilderness, with no church, she insisted on being married in a church. Abe obliged and they were married in the German Reformed Church in Hagerstown by the minister Rev. Jacob Weimer on April 28, 1793.

Now Elizabeth felt married spiritually as will as legally. All the Clapper-Miller children knew only Elizabeth as their mother. Catherine lay buried behind Stoney Ridge cabin, deceased in 1787. Elizabeth's last child, Lewis, was born in 1794. The location of his birth is not known - whether at Washington Co., Maryland or Clover Creek in Pennsylvania.