Grover Otto Fetter

Post date: Jan 20, 2010 6:46:52 PM

Dear Patrick,

As they say in text messaging language. "OMG!!!!" After many years of either saving in the computer or printing out all the information that you have sent, which so many have worked so hard to collect, I decided to finally begin my own adventure in updating/correcting family genealogy. Besides what you have sent, I inherited from my mom, Evelyn V. Fetter Long many, many, MANY pages of family history which she had put together over the years!! And then there is the big fat book of the Michael Fetter family plus other published books. And, "OMG" this may be too much for me. Especially since, different sources have conflicting information. Anyway, I am going to try to integrate your info with mom's stuff using the MY Heritage, Family Builder program that John Routson set up. (I think that is who did it.) I'm just going to have to concentrate on the direct line from me back to Michael Fetter, I guess. My first mission is to correct/update some information I saw at first glance, about those closest to me.

I ask that you and all those other genealogy buffs you are in touch with, please make the following changes or add the following data for this family line:

My grandpa was Grover Otto Fetter (his parents were Samuel Amos Milton and Henriette Miller Fetter, and his grandparents were Jacob Fetter and second wife, Catharine Brumbaugh) and my grandma was Alpha Estella Peterseim (parents were Martin Adam and Mary Catherine Keiser Peterseim).


1. Otto died Dec. 28, 1980 (not Dec. 31).

2. Estella died May 16, 1966 (not 1963).

3. My dad's name was Lewis Margrave (RA) not Margarve (AR).


1. My sister, Garnet Long Picking, marriage status to Charles Kile is divorced.

2. Her son Richard Lawrence was born Oct. 15, 1965.

3. Rick's son, Kevin, was born Dec. 1, 1998.

4. My husband is Scott Allen Roof, born May 1, 1947 and we were married Dec. 27, 1969 (FORTY YEAR THIS DEC.!)

5. Our three children were adopted as infants. Our daughter's full name is Kimberly Estella Roof, born Nov. 25, 1978, Austen Everett Roof, born August 23, 1982, and Brendon Everett Roof, born Feb. 19, 1981 and died of meningitis July 3, 1981. He is buried in Arlington Memorial Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH where Mom, Dad, and brother Randy are also buried.

6. My brother, Randy Lewis Long, was married twice. First, to Melissa McNabe and they were divorced, having no children, but she had one son. Second wife was Christine Woolf, married just a few months before he died of pancreatic cancer on Nov. 28, 2000. They had no children, but she had 3 daughters.

Well, it's a beginning, anyway.

Luana Roof