Snyder County, PA

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Jurisdictional Chronology

    • 27 January 1750 -- Cumberland County is formed from Lancaster County; its northern boundary is now the present southern boundary of Perry County; Snyder County area was owned by the Six Nations tribes, but settlers pushed into the area.

    • 17 October 1755 -- After Braddock's defeat in the French & Indian War, Native Americans attack settlers' settlements and improvements north of the Cumberland County line, near the present site of Selinsgrove (also known as Gabriel's and Weisertown on the Isle of Que, at the mouth of Penns Creek into the Susquehanna River) and northwest along the banks of Penns Creek. The "Penns Creek Massacre" panics settlers, many of whom flee into southern Pennsylvania counties. Fort Augusta at Sunbury (then called Shamokin) was built the following year as a result of this conflict. Most original settlers never return. Those that do, return for the surveys of the Snyder County area in 1768.

    • 23 October 1758 -- Pennsylvania proprietaries purchase the Snyder County area from the Six Nations tribes in the Treaty of Albany. The northeastern line of Penn Township, Cumberland County, is extended north through most of the Snyder County area; the northeastern corner of the Snyder County area lies in the newly extended western boundary of Bethel Township, Berks County, formed 11 March 1752.

    • 21 March 1772 -- Northumberland County is formed from Cumberland, Northampton, Lancaster,Berks and Bedford Counties; all of the Snyder County area is included in the new county; Penn Township covers all of now Snyder County except for now Monroe Township. Sunbury is county seat.

    • 22 March 1813 -- Union County is formed from Northumberland County; all of now Snyder County is included in the new county; Mifflinburg (Youngmanstown) serves as county seat 1813 to 1815 when New Berlin (Longstown) is chosen as the county seat. In 1855 the county seat moves to Lewisburg (Derrstown) where it remains.

    • 2 March 1855 -- Snyder County is created from Union County; Middleburg (Swinefordstown) becomes the county seat where it remains. It is named after Simon Snyder, three-time governor of Pennsylvania 1808-1817, a resident of Selinsgrove.Created: 1-Oct-2000

Aline Perry 40.680556 N

76.9875 W Dalmatia

Bannerville West Beaver Cheesetown 40.732222 N

77.348056 W McClure

Beaver Springs Spring Adamsburg

Regerstown 17812 or 17843 40.746111 N

77.209722 W Beaver Springs

Beavertown Beaver (Boro 1914) Swiftstown 17813 40.752631 N

77.169744 W Beavertown

Benfer Spring 40.772778 N

77.208889 W Beavertown

Chapman Chapman 40.6872 N

76.8870 W Dalmatia

Coon Hunter Franklin 40.775833 N

77.055278 W Middleburg

Crossgrove West Beaver Crossgrove Hall 40.7375 N

77.320278 W McClure

Dogtown Penn 40.805 N

76.864167 W Sunbury

Dundore Union 40.728611 N

76.856111 W Pillow

Freeburg Washington (Boro 1920) Straubstown 17827 40.76281 N

76.941223 W Freeburg

Globe Mills Middle Creek 40.806111 N

76.991944 W Freeburg

Hoffer Chapman 40.676111 N

76.935556 W Dalmatia

Hummels Wharf Monroe 17831 40.833609 N

76.839612 W Sunbury

Independence Chapman 40.680833 N

76.895278 W Dalmatia

Kantz Penn 40.776944 N

76.901111 W Freeburg

Kissimmee Franklin 40.795278 N

77.085556 W Middleburg

Kratzerville Jackson Hesslers 40.86 N

76.896111 W Freeburg

Kreamer Middle Creek Smithsgrove 17833 40.803 N

76.9641 W Freeburg

Locust Grove Chapman 40.674444 N

76.9475 W Dalmatia

Lowell West Beaver 40.73 N

77.296111 W McClure

Mahantango Chapman 40.648889 N

76.942778 W Dalmatia

McClure West Beaver (Boro 1963) 40.707637 N

77.311326 W McClure

McKees Half Falls Chapman 40.661389 N

76.918333 W Dalmatia

Meiser Station Middle Creek 40.800833 N

76.989167 W Freeburg

Meiserville Chapman 40.669167 N

76.9725 W Dalmatia

Middle Creek Spring 40.761111 N

77.258333 W Weikert

Middleburg Franklin (Boro 1864) Swinefordstown 17842 40.789034 N

77.045896 W Middleburg

Mount Pleasant Mill 40.723889 N

77.006667 W Richfield

Mount Pleasant Mills Perry Fremont

Schnee's 17853 40.698823 N

77.007616 W Richfield

Pallas Washington 40.712222 N

76.953611 W Dalmatia

Pawling Station Penn 40.8025 N

76.9275 W Freeburg

Paxtonville Franklin 17861 40.770278 N

77.083889 W Middleburg

Penns Creek Center Centerville

Weirickstown 17862 40.859722 N

77.055556 W Middleburg

Port Ann Adams 40.824167 N

77.148333 W Beavertown

Port Trevorton Union 17864 40.709877 N

76.864189 W Pillow

Raubs Mills West Beaver 40.724444 N

77.267222 W McClure

Salem Penn Row's 40.812222 N

76.901389 W Freeburg

Selinsgrove Penn (Boro 13 Apr 1827) 17870 40.801059 N

76.865548 W Sunbury

Shadle Perry 40.705833 N

76.9925 W Dalmatia

Shamokin Dam Monroe (Boro 1927) 17876 40.853128 N

76.822455 W Sunbury

Shreiners Monroe 40.865556 N

76.844167 W Sunbury

Strouptown West Perry 40.693333 N

77.033889 W Richfield

Troutwell Perry 40.687222 N

76.982778 W Dalmatia

Troxelville Adams 17882 40.803 N

77.2055 W Beavertown

Verdilla Chapman 40.743333 N

76.900833 W Dalmatia

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Original Courthouse