James Fall Vol 216, Page 450

Date March 23, 1910

Grantor: James Fall

Grantee: Chester O. McAlpin

Location: Suffield Twp., Portage Co., Ohio

Acres: 33.03+ in total for 3 parcels

Price: $5,500


1st Parcel - Being part of Lot No. 47. Beginning at a pointt on the west line of said lot the same being the SW corner of land owned by G.A. Monroe containing 23.82 acres

2nd Parcel - Being in the said Lot No. 47 beginning in the center of an east and west road at the SE corner of land owned by WS Fry

3rd Parcel - Being in said Lot 47 beginning at a point on the west line of land owned by the Wheeling and Lake Erie Ry. Co the same being the NE corner of land formerly owned by Isaac Marlem.