Bankruptcy of the Estate of Howard Brumbaugh

December 19, 1930, a Perition in Bankruptcy was filed in the District Court of the United States for the Northern District of Ohio. Howard Brumbaugh was duly adjuicated bankrupt.

July 11, 1931, the Trustee in Bankruptcy was authorized to sell and convey the property at public or personal sale, free and clear of liens and encumbrance.

The property was sold to Henry Farnbauch for $2,500. The amount of land transferred being about 28 acres.

Transfer Deed through Bankruptcy from Howard and Effie Brumbaugh to Alfred M. Howes, Trustee.

Trustee's Deed of Real Estate - transfer to Henry Farmbauch.

From Genealogy Document

September 29, 1931, a Deed showing that Effie Brumbaugh purchased the 28 acre farm back from Henry Farnbauch.