The Sprankles had farms in Jackson Township in the Mudbrook area. They were apparently very early to settle in Stark County. Sprankle farms were in the area south of Canal Fulton on Route 93. Mom went on to discuss how they had coal mines. When our grandmother's parents died, our grandmother inherited a significant amount of money from the mines and farms. If it remember to conversation, grandma Wise wanted to use the money to buy a house but our grandfather, Ira, used the money to buy farm horses.

I can remember as a little kid discussion between Dad and his brothers and sisters about family rights to coal mines and their worth. I don't think anything came of it.

Mom went on to discuss Uncle Harvey, the brother of Grandma Wise. Harvey had problems with his wife. She left him for another man. He may have chased after her to CA?? He did ultimately go to CA and committed suicide.

Grandma Wise's twin sister, Susie, lived in Akron. I remember going there to visit her when I was little. She ended up at the COB home.

The Sprankle and Wise families merged when Maggie Sprankle (1877 - 1932) and Ira Wise (1878 - 1973) married October 31, 1896 in Uniontown, Ohio. Maggie Sprankle was born April 25, 1877 in Jackson Twp, Stark Co., Ohio. We were able to trace the Sprankle family back to Maggie Sprankle’s father, Henry H. Sprankle (4/12/1853 - 6/21/1881) and her grandfather Henry Sprankle (12/9/1818 - 12/01/1886). We have been able to trace both Henry’s to Jackson Twp, Stark Co., Ohio, from 1860 forward. Before 1860, we have been unable to find information on the Sprankle. They do not show up in any Federal Census before 1860. At this point, we are researching whether Henry Sprankle immigrated to America or the family had a name change. There are a number of spellings of the name - Sprenkel, Sprenkle, Sprinkle, Sprinkles, Sprenckel, Sprankle, Sprankel, Sprankell, etc. Two Sprenkel immigrants, Michael and Wilhelm (William) arrived in Pennsylvania prior to 1723. They were likely brothers. There is no known connection between the Henry Sprankle family and the Sprenkel Family. The web site Sprenkel Family Origins is an attempt to find the linkage between the various family surnames. As the web site indicates a DNA testing program has been set up to help tie the linkage together. They are looking at genes on the Y-chromosome to campare the ancestry of males with the same surname to determine whether they have a common ancestor, and to some degree, how long ago their common ancestor may have lived. Only males have a Y-chromosome. It comes only from their father, who got it from his father, etc. Since the Y-chromosome comes only from the father, it descends through the paternal line in the same way as the surname does. By comparison of the specific DNA sequences, it is possible to show that two individuals have a common ancestor. It is not, however, possible to determine exact relationships with this technique.

Harvey H Sprankle, son of Henry H. Sprankle and the brother of Suzie and Maggie Sprankle, was born 22 Aug 1875. He married Clara E Anstine on 15 Nov 1894. They had 3 children and then divorced. Clara married Charles Keister in Jun 1911. They had 2 children by this marriage.

Harvey Sprankle moved to Modesto, California. He is shown living there when he filled out his WWI Registration Card and for the 1930 census.

It is believed that he committed sucide while in California. At this point unable to find information on that or a death date that matches his time in California.

Clara Anstine - mother is Sarah Royer, grandfather is David Royer. David Royer and John Royer, the father of Leah Royer, are brothers.