Conrad Brombach

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[E3] Conrad Brombach (Johannes Henrich) born 1735 in Germany. He and [E4] his brother Johannes arrived at Germantown, PA, October 7, 1765, on the ship Countess of Sussex.

In a letter written May 26, 1888 by [1725] George Brumbaugh at age 86, in which he says "Conrad and Johannes came from Germany about 1765, and settled within three miles of Johnstown, PA, where David and George where born. Conrad died within three miles of Johnstown when I was too yound to remember."

"Samuel Brumbaugh, a farmer of Perry township, Montgomery county, Ohio, is descended from Pennsylvania-Dutch stock, the founder of the family in America having come from Germany. He was Conrad Brumbaugh, and was the grandfather of Samuel Brumbaugh. It is believed that he was married in Germany. Two of his brothers also came to America, but the date of their coming is not now known. From these three spranf all the Brumbaughs of Pennsylvania."

"Conrad Brumbaugh settled in Lancaster County, PA, probably before 1761, as it is believed that all of his large family were born in Pennsylvania, and the youngest of his thirteen children was born in 1788. After a part of his chiuldre were born he removed to Morrison's Cove, Bedford County, PA, but the Indians becoming troublesome he returned to the more thickly settled portions of the state. When he reached Morrison's Cove he found the Indians in possession, and that they had destroyed everything he had left behind, and had killed all the remaining serrlers. After the Indian troubles ceased, Conrad Brumbaugh returned to this place with his family, made a home and lived there for some time. Then removing to Allergheny County, PA, he made a home for his family there in the wilderness, and became one of the pioneers of that section of the state. His children were John, Daniel, Jacob, William, Conrad, David, George, Elizabeth and Christiana. Mr Brumbaugh was well educated iun Germany, and after reaching this country taught school and became a minister in the German Baptist church, being one of the first ministers of that church in America."

Revolutionary Service of "Conrad Brumbaugh"

Harrisburg, Pa., Dec 10, 1906

To Whom is May Concern:

I hereby certify that the name of Conrad Brumbaugh appears as that of a Private on a Class Roll of Captain John Orbison's Fourth Company, Fourth Battalion of Cumberland County Militia - Commanded by Colonel Samuel Culbertson, August 21st, 1780.

See p 767, Vol. 23, Penna Archieves, 3d Series.


Luther Kelker,

Custodian of the Public Records

Pennsylvania State Library