Miller's First Cabin

Post date: Sep 13, 2011 6:0:8 PM

Continuing story of 4th Great Grandfather.

By June 1814, he set about his task with muscles of strong German sons to erect the first cabin. There was just one problem, The family stories relate that for those first days it rained a gentle constant rain. The Miller women and Elizabeth Fouse Miller tied sheets together to spread over bushes and small trees so they could cook without being hit directly by constant spray and droplets - it was depressing especially when the wolves howled. It did nothing but rain day after day for three days before the cabin was completed. When the roof was on, the women rushed into the house before the walls were even daubed and sealed. Abe promised Savilla he would build a real house for them - just give him two more years. He did. Abe Jr. and Elizabeth lived in the original cabin until their own house was completed. Abe Sr. had made a good trade. Now he had 1280 acres pus $4,500 in coin pieces.