James Fall Vol 150, Page 492

Date Sold Feb 6, 1894

Location Randolph Twp, Portage County, Ohio

Grantee GW Bowers

Grantors: Joice Bowers, James Fall, Angeline Fall, Amelia Winkleman, W.C. Winkleman, S.B. Pontious, C.E. Bowers, W.E. Bowers, A.E. Bowers, E.E. Ulrich, George Ulrich, E.M. Bowers, E.A. Bowers, C.E. Bowers, and E.E. Bowers.

Acres 30.75

Price $1,500

Description: Being part of Lot No. 40 and is bounded as follows - on the north land of John Hoot. On the east by lands of John Schaffer, Barbara Shreader, John Moladore and the Grantee Gorge W. Bowers. On the South by land of Lawrence Woolf the same being the south line of said Lot and on the west by land of Peter Rothermel and the highway,