Uncle Harvey Sprankle, Grandma Slusser, Maggie Wise, Ira Wise, Maude Sprankle, Lloyd Sprankle, Beulah, Clara, Carl, Clara Sprankle, Grandpa Slusser, Aunt Verna Slusser

Wise Reunion - Maggie Wise far right

Maggie Wise, Ira Wise, Carl, Parney, Eleanor, Herb, Ralph

Maggie Wise (hat), Aunt Kate and Aunt Mary

Wise Homes in Hartville

I talked to Dorothy Wise about where Roy Wise was born and lived as a boy. Apparently early on Ira worked at the mud shops in Altman and lived around Hartville. Although Dorothy didn't know any of the details, she said that Roy was born in Akron. They apparently had a house there. She thought that Ira was probably working as a mason in Akron. Later on they live in a farm house along Pontius Rd. east of Congress Lake (west of the Brumbaugh farm). They also lived along Route 43 north of Hartville, near were Grace and Rob lived. Dorothy thought that house has since been torn down. Later Roy helped them build the house in Hartville.

The Wises had a house in Hartville on South Prospect near where Isaac Fall lived. Apparently a couple of the ancestor pictures were taken there - including ones that show the old Hartville school in the background.

Ira Wise built a house in Hartville that they owned. It was south of Isaac Fall's house and off the main road. Maggie Wise died while at this house. Leah Fall called Maggie Wise to see if Ira would build them new steps. Ira came down that afternoon to work on them. Roy came along with him. Dorothy Brumbaugh was mowing the yard for her grandmother and took a notice of Roy. Dorothy was still in high school. Dorothy asked Roy later if he remembered seeing her mowing and he had taken notice of her. Ira's house was sold due to back taxes not being paid. Roy thought about buying it, but felt he would get his father with the house and he didn't want that. Dorothy and Roy were dating at the time. Roy stayed at Ada's house for awhile. Then he took a room with Dorothy's Aunt Maggie. Dorothy was taking care of her Grandmother Leah Fall and Roy brought ice cream over for them. During this time Dorothy had spent a lot of time with her Aunt Nora in Alliance. Aunt Nora had gotten pinched between the car and then had a stroke.

We looked at the Wise house over by Hartville school. It's in pretty good shape. It's a nice sized house. The front porch has been partially enclosed and a deck has been built on the back. Interestingly, it is just across from Isaac and Leah Fall's house. At the time the Wise house was built, there were not many houses on the block.

Census Information

1910 Census - Lake Twp., Stark Co., Ohio

1920 Census - Lake Twp., Stark Co., Ohio

George E. Wise Census Information

1850 Census East Cocalico Twp., Lancaster Co., PA

1870 East Cocalico Twp., Lancaster Co., PA

1880 East Cocalico Twp., Lancaster Co., PA