Edgar and Nellie Fall's Gravestone with the Henry P Brumbaugh Family

Post date: Aug 25, 2011 7:27:41 PM

Gravestones from left to right:

James G Saint (1863-1937)

Henry P and Eva S Brumbaugh (1851-1935) (1854-1940)

Edgar E and Nellie B Fall (1871-1953) (1876-1941)

James Saint and Thelma Arter Brumbaugh (1886-1958) (1900-1970)

Gravestones are located at the southwest corner of Mt Peace Cemetery, Hartville, Ohio


Henry P and Eva S Brumbaugh had two children Nellie and James Saint. Nellie married married Edgar Eugene Fall. Edgar is the son of Isaac and Leah Fall.

James G Saint relationship to Eva Saint?

Thelma Arter her family?