Leah Fall Picture and Ira Wise House

Post date: Aug 29, 2010 12:36:41 AM

3-8-07 Hi All, Mother handed me another family picture on my tip to see her. It is of Leah Fall and friends waiting for a train during their return trip from Brethren Annual Conference. The picture if on flickr in the B/W - Ancestry Pictures. Also, remember to look at the few pictures that I took north of Hartville. I took a lot of audio notes and written notes on family history when with Mother. She has tons of information about the family. A lot of it bits and pieces, but as I collect them, they make sense. Please write down any historical information she gives you. I'm sure some will repeat, but I am looking to find those new pieces we didn't hear before. A picture I would like to get is the house that Ira Wise built in Hartville. Mother says Dad helped with it. Ira lost it due to not paying his taxes. Mother said that Dad thought about buying it at that point, but figured that his Dad would come with the deal, so he let it go. This happened while they were dating. Speaking of them dating I got the whole story from the first time Mother and Dad saw each other (didn't speak) and through their courtship. I will write that up later. I have an hour of audio and pages of hand written notes. I am planning on saving the audio. Jim Hi all, What a neat picture. I opened it up and expanded it to fill my entire screen. It really has good resolution. Check out the lower left corner of the picture. There is writing saying Devils Den, May 1912. Yes, I had already looked at the pictures you took north of Hartville. Mom said you were talking pictures of family places so I looked on your Flickr site and sure enough they were there. I have been meaning to ask about one picture, the red house northeast of Brumbaugh's corner? I also Googled the area and tried to figure out from the satellite map where all of your picture were. I think I got them figured out! I really like looking at all of these old pictures. Mom really has a great memory. I have realized that if you can get her going, she really can tell you a lot. Seems like she needs to be in just the right mood. Tonight she started to tell me about that picture. I felt bad. I had to cut her off. Julie was supposed to call us before going away tonight and we wanted to get info about coming home tomorrow. I need to get her going about it again. That is a good idea about working together to have her tell us about things. I am looking forward to what she had to say about their courtship. I guess I know nothing about it. Larry Larry, The 1912 Brethren Annual Conference was at York, Pennsylvania. The picture at Devil's Den has to be at the Gettysburg Battlefield. It is the rock formation near Big Round Top, that had fierce fighting. York Co is just East of Adams Co, where Gettysburg is located. Jim Jim: Checked out your posting of the picture on the web today. I talked to mom about it last night. She said that Leah went to the Annual Conference a lot. In fact as she got older, her family became concerned due to her increasing forgetfulness. They were afraid that she would lose her money or something. Also mom said that she often went alone. Isaac apparently didn't go to church much. She didn't know if it was because of his arthritis or due to a lack of interest. She did mention that his arthritis was the reason that they gave up the farm and moved into Hartville. Larry