Jacob Brumbaugh Land in the Cove

Post date: Apr 18, 2010 12:47:34 AM

In the later part of the eighteenth century, Jacob Brumbaugh, with a few other men came into the cove from Maryland. They were looking for land and were much pleased with what they saw in this valley. The chief difficulty was the Indians, who were here in numbers at that time. They saw too many wigwams and from almost every hilltop smoke ascended. For that reason they returned to Maryland.

When the Penn heirs made a definite purchase from the Indians of a large part of Pennsylvania, including the cove, Jacob Brumbaugh came back to the cove and took up 1,900 acres of land , finally paying the Penns 12 cents per acre for the land.

Historical Sketches of Morrison's Cove by Rev. C.W. Karns, Mirror Press 1933, Page 273

From the Penn State University Digital Library Collections