Asplin Basket Factory

The Asplin Basket Company was in business for over fifty years. The company kept a low profile, turning out strictly “working” baskets for use by local vegetable farmers. The enterprise was founded by William E. Asplin who was born in Ohio around 1886. The business was located in Cleveland, on the southwest corner of West 150th and Lorain where it grew to occupy a conglomeration of at least six buildings and several smaller work sheds.

At one time the company had were branches in Chardon, Garrettsville, and Hartville, Ohio, as well as Cleveland, for a total of four locations.

The Asplin Basket Company branch in Hartville, originally built in 1928, and still exists – sort of. In 1974, the late Dave Longaberger began renting the facilities of the still-operating Asplin Company in Hartville to produce his world-famous collectible hardwood baskets. In 1983 Mr. Longaberger bought the Asplin plant, but it burned down before the deed was finalized. Undaunted, he rebuilt the facility, and this location is still a branch of Longaberger Baskets today.